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February 10, 2022
Importance of Modern Abstract Painting
Importance of Modern Abstract Painting
February 16, 2022
Learn all about Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a form of art and craftsmanship that actually started off thousands of years ago in Asia and gradually expanded to other parts of Europe and Africa by trade routes. This painting technique boasts a rich history in Asia through Kalamkari, a form of art in ancient India, China, and Japan, where other forms of patterning were developed. Today, it has got recognition on a global level, paving ways for small businesses and entrepreneurs to explore the options for commercial purposes.

Since humans started weaving fibres together to make the first fabric, it also paved the way for fabric painting. People started using the same technique of human body painting in fabrics too. The process actually involved two primary methods:

  • Colouring- It is a process in which a painter applies an image with colour to the fabric directly.
  • Patterning- It is actually printing that resists patterns, and then the painter colours the image on the fabric.

Fabric painting had been present in the Indian subcontinent for hundreds and hundreds of years, and later it was traded throughout Egypt and Greece via trade. Then, China started developing the latest techniques such as stencils and resists, and the idea eventually spread to Japan and led to the creation of beautiful patterning on the fabrics. Even today, the art form is very much alive and used everywhere in the world.

Now that we know about the history of fabric painting let us talk about the materials used in this painting method.

Materials used for fabric painting

Fabric painting can be successfully done only if one uses the right kind and type of fabric. the properties and nature of fabric colours make it suitable for fabric; however, choosing the right fabric is as important fabric colours are ideal and best on materials like khadi silk and cotton as their natural fibre fabrics for fabric painting some of the materials that are considered suitable are

  • canvas,
  • linen cotton,
  • cotton/poly blend,
  • cotton knits like muslin,
  • terrycot,
  • chiffon,
  • georgette,
  • organza,
  • silk,
  • crepe,

These were fabrics. Now let us talk about the tools and equipment needed for the paintings. Some of them are

  • Foam Brushes / Sponges
  • Plastic covering to protect the work surface
  • Paint Palette Paper Towels
  • Toothbrushes
  • Water Container
  • Apron to protect your clothing
  • Paintbrushes – Both flat and round tip, in

These are some of the tools and equipment used for fabric-based paintings.


Paintings are one of the best art forms of today. However, it began a long time ago, and fabric paintings are proof of it. Thanks to their popularity, many small businesses have started promoting the art form and made it accessible to people.


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